Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday - Time to Head Home!

On Saturday, we packed up and headed home! It took us a few hours to pack all our things and load the car. We left Sea Crest at about 10:20 am Georgia time. It was a long drive - about 7 hours of actual driving, but it took us a little over 9 hours with frequent toddler potty breaks. We were relieved to get out, stretch our legs, and see Abby and Ginger when we got home last night! Now, the washing and washing and washing of all the clothes from the trip is going in full force!

I just wanted to do one last vacation post to put up this picture:

In the previous post, I'd said that Katie Anne only wanted breakfast and movies in bed. Well, Gigi made her cheese toast, along with milk and a banana, and Granddad sat in her bed with her while they watched Dora. It was a great way for her to end the trip... and give Saunders and I some time to pack our stuff!


Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

That is a precious picture!! How did she like her toddler bed?? What a great way to trial the "big girl" bed!

Katie Jones said...

She loved her bed... it was actually a big full sized one! So, we're going to start the process to change her into a big girl room this summer! Her bed here will be a twin, though.