Friday, July 17, 2009

Visiting with Mamaw

On Thursday, Katie Anne and I went to visit my grandmother Mamaw at her house. Mamaw has lots of neat toys that she's bought or that various grandchildren and great-grandchildren have brought over throughout the years, so it was a total smorgasbord of new things for Katie Anne. Mamaw had set up a whole little land of dolls, clothes, and furniture for them in her living room floor before we got there, and Katie Anne was so excited when she walked in and saw them! We sat on the floor and played for over an hour, and then we went outside and played for a while. We had a bunch of fun at Mamaw's house!

Katie Anne and Mamaw playing together
A babe in toyland...
I think doll clothes might be a good Christmas gift idea!
Katie Anne and Mamaw in her chair
In the climbing tree!

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