Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beach Time!

On Tuesday, we went out on the ocean in the morning. The day was very overcast, which made it a lot cooler on the sand, and Katie Anne really enjoyed it. She was still frightened of the ocean when we first got there, but she got more brave as the morning went on. Finally, she overcame her fear and ventured out into the water! Saunders spent a lot of time swimming in the ocean, and we all built a lot of sandcastles which Katie Anne enjoyed destroying. My dad even let us bury him up to his neck in sand!

Katie Anne flies her Dora the Explorer kite.

Jones family sandcastle building.

The beach bum!

Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere!

Saunders on the sand... this one's for you, Josh.

Katie Anne conquers her fear of the roaring waves and goes into the water!

Katie Anne and the very buried Granddad.

Saunders resists the temptation to cover up Dad's head with sand, but he did add some of his own sand illustrations - not pictured!

The sand monster emerges!

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