Friday, July 3, 2009

PC Beach Afternoon

On Tuesday afternoon, Saunders and I went to Panama City while Katie Anne was napping. (Don't worry - my parents were with Katie Anne.) Saunders wanted some new sunglasses, and he had researched exactly where to get them. And no, unlike last year, he didn't lose his old pair in the ocean... he just scratched them and wanted a new pair. Here's a picture of him in his new shades...
Then, we went surfing through some junk stores... sometimes, the much-hated beach junk stores just call your name. Actually, we were looking for a big starfish to use in some pictures on the beach we were making later. Of course, I stumbled across a tiny little friend that I just had to get... a baby turtle! Don't worry, this one isn't for me... I'm giving it to my mother-in-law to replace her baby turtle that "wandered into the pond" (aka was stolen from its tank by an unknown predator) a few weeks ago. Saunders says he'll believe that I'll give away Pinky (that's what KA named him) when he actually sees me hand him over!
And, just for your blog photo enjoyment, here's a little picture of PC Beach classic classiness... just some kids living it up in front of us at a red light on Front Beach Rd. Don't worry - they LOVED it that I took their picture.

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The Dillards said...

I am curious about where this Rosemary beach is. You guys look like you are eating at the best restaurants and eating the best food.