Saturday, July 4, 2009

Captain Anderson's

On Thursday evening, we traveled back to Panama City to eat at the famous Captain Anderson's. This place is huge - and packed with people! It is ranked in the Top 50 American restaurants, and is the number one place to eat seafood in this area of Florida according to Southern Living, so we had to check it out once Greg and Jillian arrived. Everyone got all dressed up - including me and Jillian wearing our matching dresses! - and we were really looking forward to our fresh seafood night!

This was definitely our "big night out"... each person's food was easily $30+, and we had a significant wait to be seated. We had a fun time and a lot of laughs at the table, especially over Katie Anne's penquin. Unfortunately, we didn't think Captain Anderson's lived up to all the hype. The seafood was a little overdone, the salad was most definitely bagged, and we felt that a lot of the different things we ate, like the different kinds of fish or scallops, really all tasted exactly the same. Don't get me wrong - there were great parts of the meal, like the shrimp or stuffed crab, but there truly wasn't much separating Captain Anderson's from Red Lobster in Cartersville. I'd much rather eat at Onano's again instead of Captain Anderson's when we go back to Sea Crest.

At our dinner table...

My mom and Greg show off the food... my mom (and Saunders, me, and my dad too) ordered the seafood sampler meal.

Greg ordered the surf and turf. Jillian had the stuffed shrimp.
After dinner, we went outside and walked along the dock where the fresh fish is brought in. Each family posed with this giant hammerhead shark that was caught out of the Gulf earlier that morning! (Just kidding... it was a fake!)

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cindy glawson said...

I am loving you two dressed as twins. I only hope you will continue this at home.