Monday, July 20, 2009

A TKLJ Challenge!

I'm very lucky to have two crafty sister-in-laws... and I mean artsy-crafty, not evil-crafty. ;) Both of them are very talented and creative, as evidenced by their own creative endeavors on their blogs, like this and this and this, and don't forget this. While Jillian and I lean more towards sewing, Trisha has developed her expertise in knitting. So, our family paid Trisha a big compliment a few weeks ago, in the form of a crafting challenge!

While we were on vacation, we shopped at the very, very cute Rosemary Beach Trading Co. While looking for t-shirts, Katie Anne spied some cute knit dolls. Of course, she wanted one, but they were very expensive - over $30 per doll! Immediately, my mom and I had the same thought - "Trisha could make these!" Saunders and my dad quickly agreed, so I snapped a few pictures of the dolls to show her (before an employee gave me the evil eye).

So, Trisha, here's your challenge -
can you knit a cute, funky doll for your favorite niece?
You can do it!


SGiles said...

If Trisha isn't a member on Ravelry...she should be!!! There are a bunch of cool doll patterns on there to use as a jumping point!!!

Jillian said...

No pressure pressure! lol

Katie Jones said...

Trisha knew I was posting this, Jillian. I'd already emailed her about it. She knows that there's no pressure to it- just something fun.

Jillian said...

lol I was joking.

The Brown Family said...

Hey!! Addison wants the "second" one she makes! There is a fun, funky art store in Destin called "the zebra stripe" and they too have these dolls along with these wierd yabba-dabba knock-offs that Addison desperately wanted. But $30+ for a doll is OK but not when we have already bought: life is good T's, a build a bear, nemo sand molds and other fun stuff the same day! I say you push Trisha to the challange and then I shall challenge her to a second one! HA HA HA

Katie Jones said...

lol Jillian, I know.

Trisha said...

Whew! Ok, I'm up for it! I am in fact a HUGE fan-slash-member of Ravelry. That's where I have gotten almost all of my knitting patterns.

I have not knitted anything like this before, so you (and Heather) might have to be a bit patient with me on this one! But I am nevertheless very excited about this knitter's challenge and plan to get started this coming weekend!

Check on my blog for some ideas and let me know what you think.