Saturday, July 4, 2009

Family Beach Portraits

On Wednesday evening, just before sunset, we all got dressed in our white and khaki and headed to the beach for some family pictures. Here are some of my favorites!

I had made Katie Anne this smocked white dress specifically for our pictures on the beach, and after we were done with our "official" pictures, she got to have a "destroy the dress" session like this. This was by far her favorite part of the photo shoot, and we got some great pictures of her in the water!


cindy glawson said...

What fun! I love the family photo. I hate to brag (sort of) but what a beautiful family I have.

The Dillards said...

You are such a great mommy to make the dress and to let her play in it like that.

Vanessa said...

These are great pictures! I love the sand dune background! Your vacation posts are great - glad y'all had so much fun!