Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friday - Our Final Full Day!

On Friday, July 3, we were spending our last day together at the beach. Everyone was not looking forward to driving back on Saturday because we were having such a great time together - and because its a long drive!

We started off the morning by walking down to the Rosemary Beach shops. (Katie Anne went along under protest... all she wanted to do was have breakfast in bed - cheese toast - and watch Dora Saves the Mermaids for the 100th time. More on that later.)

Then, it was time for a delicious breakfast at Wild Olives. Katie Anne and I shared the "Good Morning, Rosemary", which is two eggs (we got our scrambled over medium), a biscuit (we topped ours with strawberry jelly), grits (which I got all to myself because KA doesn't like them), and sausage (which KA got all to herself because I don't like it). Katie Anne also had a donut. Funny that I shared all my "Good Morning, Rosemary" with her, but she didn't share any of her donut with me. I don't get it.

Granddad and Gigi at Wild Olives:
Greg and Jillian:
Playing with the sticker book that Mamaw gave her while we wait on the food to arrive:
She's thinking: "Momma, don't impose your psychotic perfectionism on me and my sticker book. I don't care what the directions say. I will put these stickers wherever I like! Take your hands off!"
What she really said: "Mommy, this my book. Me play wif it. Take you hands off!"
In the words of former Braves player Otis Nixon, "It don't get no better than this."
Have you ever seen a toddler so pumped about breakfast?
Then, it was time for shopping in Rosemary Beach. We went to The Sugar Shack again to get out sweet treat fix, to a neat store called Patchwork and Patchouli that had great smelling soaps and bath products (and where Jillian found some headbands she and I can totally make), and The Rosemary Beach Trading Co., where we got some great buys on shirts and souvenirs.

Swinging with "Dreg" and "Jillan"
Papa Bear, Momma Bear, Baby Bear!
Does this even need a caption? No. :)
With her Hello Kitty marshmellow lollipop outside The Sugar Shack:
Yum yum!I got a treat, too - cotton candy!Time to walk back to the condo:
But of course there's time for one last splash in the fountain!

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