Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let's Play - Good News, Bad News

Does anyone remember the little vignettes from the cartoon Pinky and the Brain called Good News, Bad News? It was always one of my favorite parts of the show - and I loved that show. So, in honor of the show, let's play a little game of Good News, Bad News.

Good News: Look how great my indoor plants did while we were on vacation! They actually look better after spending a week without me messing with them.
Bad News: My poor little herb garden missed me to death. Literally.
Good News: Katie Anne is really getting good at playing Hide and Seek, which is absolutely one of my favorite childhood games.

Bad News: She is getting so good at hiding that I sometimes cannot find her. For real. Tonight, she hid so well and so silently in her closet that I searched and searched for probably 10 minutes before I found her... and she had to call out, "Mommy, come find me!" about five times to give me clues. I checked the closet twice before I found her, and that kid must've never... freaking... moved because I had no idea she was there. Skilled, but a little scary for a searching mommy.
Bad News: My OBGYN found a lump in my right breast during my annual checkup on June 6. I went for a mammogram (2 images of left breast + 6 images of right breast = excruciatingly painful) and ultrasounds on June 19. I went for an exam with a breast cancer specialist on July 6.

Good News: The lump my OBGYN found appears to be no big deal... just a tissue/muscle/fat compression lump, and I actually have three of those "abnormalities" in the right breast. They don't appear to be anything to worry about, although I may need a lumpectomy if they grow and cause me pain later. We'll just watch them with mammograms every six months - which I'm totally looking forward to, you know.

Bad News: The breast cancer specialist found a fourth lump in my right breast, which they did an ultrasound on again, and it turns out that this one does look like something more serious. I don't know anything definitive right now, but I'm going in for a biopsy on August 18 to see if the tumor is malignant or benign. I'll know the results the following week.

And no, this portion of the post will not come with a picture as the previous two sections did. :)

Hopefully, I will be able to follow up with another Good News post after I get the biopsy results back around August 24. Until then, I would appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers!


The Dillards said...

we will definitely be praying for you til you hear back from the doctor.

Sarah said...

Praying for you! I hope you get Good News, too.

Pat said...

Katie, I will add you to our prayer list at our Small Group tonight! Please try not to worry too much! I cannot BELIEVE they could not get you in any sooner! You will be in our thoughts and prayers!

The Rayburns said...

Praying for you, too!

Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for you. Keep us updated.

Trisha said...

fingers crossed, positive thoughts, lots of prayers.

SGiles said...

I am just getting caught up on things, as I haven't had my laptop functioning for the last two weeks. I am so sorry that I missed this! I'll be saying LOTS of prayers that the lump is nothing serious!!!!!!!