Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Last Toddler Time

Today, Katie Anne and I went to our last Toddler Time this summer at the library. We have really, really enjoyed having this event in our repertoire every week. It is a great way for us to spend an hour together - the little class lasts thirty to forty minutes, and then we spend twenty to thirty minutes picking books and movies to check out. We both really look forward to this every Tuesday!

Today, Katie Anne loved the little puppet show the librarian did with animal puppets to the tune of "How Much is that Doggie in the Window?" Then, our craft was to make a dog puppet, which looked a lot like Abby! She loved that part and couldn't wait to show it to Abby at home. We picked A LOT of books this week... guess we're already feeling withdrawals! (We read five at bedtime, so we've made some headway into our stack of... 23!) Also, Katie Anne filled in two more rows on her reading log this week (she gets a sticker each time we read together for fifteen minutes), and she got to pick two prizes. She chose two of the exact same items -whistles/recorders. One pink and one green - she thinks like her mom! Luckily, they are not loud whistles. :) We've got until July 31 to finish the reading log, but we'll easily do that with our big stack of books... she's only got the last row to fill in, and we've already filled in two stickers today.

I stole the idea from my mom to take a picture of her with the library sign... here she is holding up her pink whistle.

Tonight, after her shower, she wanted to show off her dog puppet to Daddy, so I snapped a few pictures of her with her artwork.


Trisha said...

I love the picture on the wall with the library sign. That is a picture fit for a scrapbook, definitely!

Trisha said...

This would be such a fun project for the two of you to work on together! I think Katie Anne would love to learn how much fun sewing can be, she might get even MORE excited about all the cute clothes you make for her, haha!