Thursday, November 26, 2009

100 Things

This Thanksgiving, along with thinking of the big things I'm thankful for, I also wanted to stop and focus on the little things that make life so wonderful.  I think it is so easy to forget to be thankful for those everyday things that really improve the way I live, so I tried this week to keep a list starting from the moment I wake up until I go to bed.  My goal was to think of ...

100 Everyday Things I'm Thankful For
1. A radio alarm clock instead of the annoying beeping kind
2. A warm shower to wake me up
3. Volumizing shampoo and conditioner
4. Contact lenses ... so thankful for you, contacts
5. Secret Clinical Strength
6. Two wagging-tailed dogs who are thrilled to see me each morning
7. Saunders getting up early to feed the dogs for me
8. Freshly brewed coffee
9. French Vanilla Creamer
10. Clean clothes - straight out of the dryer and still warm
11. Volumizing mousse, hairspray, and a blow dryer
12. My big fat curling iron - six years old, and still going strong!
13. Electric toothbrushes and whitening toothpaste
14. Makeup - I thank God for you, makeup
15.  Chapstick
16. Spending fifteen minutes catching up with Saunders while we get ready for work
17. A freshly made bed
18. The luxury of having more than 20 pairs of shoes to choose from- so many people don't even have 1
19. My wedding and engagement ring
20. Holding a snuggly toddler who's still waking up
21. How easily Katie Anne lets me fix her hair
22. Watching a few minutes of Diego with KA before work
23. Big hugs and kisses from my baby and hubby before I head out to my job
24. A short commute
25. Kindergartners whose faces light up when I walk in the cafeteria to pick them up at 7:35 am
26. Lots of positive feedback from my new administrators
27. Writer's Workshop - my favorite part of the school day
28. My parapro, Gina
29. The 800 Hall teaching team
30. Planning period - twenty minutes of regroup time for me
31. Guided reading with my highest reading group
32. Sharpie chart markers
33. Watching my students making connections to what we're learning
34. Recess!
35. Math Workshop - my second favorite part of the school day
36. Fun, creative work in Social Studies
37. Having car rider duty instead of bus duty
38. Forty-five minutes after dismissal to get organized
39. Planning lessons ahead through December
40. Microsoft Excel for graphing progress monitoring data
41. Being able to email parents instead of calling every one
42. My super comfy, massaging desk chair
43. Actually walking out of work on time!
44. Reading a good magazine in the waiting room for a few minutes
45. The scalp massage when the salon assistant washes my hair
46. Getting a fresh haircut
47. Having the money and time to run by the store and pick up a few things we need and a few things we just want
48. The twenty minute drive time to decompress on the way to Katie Anne's school
49. AM 750 WSB
50. Katie Anne's clean, bright school
51. Katie Anne's caring teachers
52. Seeing Katie Anne having fun with her friends and ask for "five more minutes" on the playground
53. Knowing that she's happy at school while I'm at work
54. Listening to KA tell me all about her day on the way home
55. Driving through the beautiful fall leaves in our neighborhood
56. Pulling up in front of my house ... feels so good to be home
57. Two happy dogs waiting for us when we get here
58. Saunders is home early!  Or maybe KA and I are late... either way, we're all home together now.
59. Putting on comfortable clothes after a long day in dress pants
60. Cooking a healthy dinner for my family +
61. while listening to my husband tell me about his day +
62. while our daughter cheerfully "cooks" in her play kitchen =
63. one happy family
64. Sitting down to dinner together
65. Listening to Katie Anne saying the blessing
66. Spending almost thirty minutes at the table talking with no distractions
67. Saunders and I cleaning up the kitchen together
68. Katie Anne sitting in my lap on the couch while we watch cartoons
69. Bath time!  KA plays happily while I get to sit by the tub and read for a few minutes.
70. Saunders's support when shampooing gets Katie Anne all ticked off
71. Katie Anne's mood going sunny after the bath just as quickly as it went stormy during it
72. Brushing little teeth
73. Combing toddler hair
74. Lotioning up a squirmy, ticklish, giggly body
75. Reading books, books, and more books with Katie Anne in her bed
76. Hearing KA ask us for one more kiss and one more hug before goodnight
77. Having an hour or two of kid-free time after she's in bed
78. Saunders and me playing the Wii together
79. Modern Family
80. Hearing the dishwasher and washing machine going ...
81. Knowing some things really do clean themselves!
82. Cell phones
83. Getting everything organized and packed for tomorrow morning
84. Relaxing on our big, comfy couch
85. Laptops
86. Internet access
87. Email
88. Facebook
89. Blogging!
90. DVR to record shows that I miss when...
91. I fall asleep on the couch under a blanket
92. Saunders gently waking me up to send me to bed
93. A big glass of chocolate milk
94. Taking those fabulous - but now so dry - contacts out
95. Face cleaner to remove that blessed makeup
96. Indoor plumbing
97. Comfy pajamas
98. A goodnight kiss from my husband
99. My big, warm bed with soft sheets and thick blankets on a cold night
100. A great night's sleep

... and being lucky enough to wake up the next morning and do it all again!

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Jillian said...

loooooved this post! It is easy to forget the little things! happy thanksgiving!