Saturday, November 21, 2009

When Daddy's Away

It's the girls' time to play!

For those of you who remember this post from July 24, 2008, you know that Saunders really is not a fan of painted toenails and fingernails.  He doesn't like them on "big girls", but he likes them even less on little girls. 

But, you know what?  I'm sort of a girly girl, and I have a daughter, and doing girly stuff with my daughter is something that I've always looked forward to doing.  Would I forbid him to play catch with his son?  Strap on football pads and assume a three-point stance in the yard with Saunders IV?   Of course not.  He said that Katie Anne could paint her nails and toenails whenever she could ask for it herself, and she could easily ask for it in paragraph form at this point.

And, you know what else?  When Daddy goes out to a sports bar to watch the UGA-Kentucky game with a bunch of his friends and leaves two girly girls at home with nail polish and nothing but time, we can do whatever we like.  Idle hands - with beautiful nails of course - are the devil's tools!

So, tonight after bath time, Katie Anne and I played day spa together.  She got a leave-in conditioner treatment on her hair, a full body Aveeno lotion application - including lots of facial moisturizing because her skin is so dry - and a toenail and fingernail clipping.  Then, I started clipping and painting my toenails, and of course she wanted to paint hers, too!  So, we had joint pedicures.  Then, she followed hers up with a matching bright pink manicure.  She put lots of peer pressure on me to paint my fingernails, too - actually, she put a lot of peer pressure on me to let HER paint my fingernails - but I resisted.  So, we've both got cheerful, summery pink toenails, and she's got happy pink fingernails, too!

We had such fun being girls that -gasp!- she stayed up until 9:30!  Hey, we had to let all that polish dry.  Who could deny her a mani/pedi when she obviously gets this much joy out of looking fabulous?


To paraphrase my very favorite commercial -  we enjoy being girls!


Tara said...

so funny. Looks like you two had lots of fun. Saunders totally missed out by going to some dump ole sports bar right?

cindy glawson said...

That looks like the perfect day in the "Momma Spa". Very cute post!

Carrie Beth said...

What a fun night!!!