Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Warming Up Leftover Posts #1

After we got back from our Florida trip, some posts I'd intended to do got pushed to the back of the old "post refrigerator" in my mind... meaning, I was planning to use them for NaBloPoMo and just forgot about the ideas.  This weekend, we were playing Wii at my parents' house - and I realized that I'd never posted about the Wii playing tournaments on our recent Florida trip!  So, I'm posting this entry today so it doesn't get lost down in the Florida section, and after a few days, I will move it to the early date where it belongs.  There will be three posts "leftovers" warming up like this over the next few days.  Enjoy!

Carlton and Trisha brought their Wii on the Florida trip, and everyone really enjoyed playing the games - especially the old classic Wii Sports.  You cannot beat Wii Bowling, Wii Baseball, Wii Tennis, and Wii Boxing!  Every night after Katie Anne was in bed, it was a Jones family Wii smackdown.

Carlton vs Vicki in Wii Tennis - of course, Vicki kicked everyone's tail just as badly in the video game as she would in real life!

Saunders celebrates an out in Wii baseball.  Carlton scratches his head in defeat.

Everyone made fun of my signature Wii Bowling move, "The Statue of Liberty"... until they realized how that move allowed me to completely dominate the game.

After my crushing victory during the first night's bowling tournament, Vicki and Carlton got in on my Statue of Liberty action... and beat me!


Trisha demonstrates her own trademarked - and victorious - bowling technique, affectionately known as the "Sit and Spin".  It's all in the wrist flick, people.

Wii Boxing is a lot harder than it looks!  First, I challenged Carlton to a boxing match...

Then, Vicki and Saunders faced off in a mother-son beat down.  Look at Saunders's face - total concentration!

And, just in case the pictures didn't do it justice, here are some boxing action videos.  My apologies for the commentary during the second video... I was eating a Tootsie Roll.

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Trisha said...

Those gaming nights were priceless! In the video with Saunders and Vicki boxing, Vicki looks like she's playing intense church bells!