Monday, November 30, 2009

NaBloPoMo ... Another year in the books!

Well, one more November in blogging land, and I've successfully completed another NaBloPoMo challenge!  I posted every single day in November - actually, this will make my 46th post in 30 days.  I actually beat my post record for last year's NaBloPoMo month... 44 in 2008 vs. 46 in 2009.  However, nothing I did this November came close to the excitement of this time last November.

I am proud of myself this NaBloPoMo round, even though I didn't pass out or have seizures or anything.  I finished the drill despite sooo many internet connection problems... many evenings, I had to start a blog entry, and then "Work Offline" when the internet dropped its connection mid-post, and I would leave my laptop up and running all night to catch the internet connectivity wave as it rolled back through in the middle of the night.  Anyway, let's not go into all that... certainly not with my precious hubby, who says the internet always works for him and this only happens to me. Weird.

I will say that I've enjoyed the challenge... and I've enjoyed looking at all the frequent postings by other NaBloPoMo participants.  However, it will be nice to not feel the pressure of must ... post ... every ... day.  As I say that, I should also add that you shouldn't be surprised if I post 46 times this month as well ... our December is just jam-packed with holiday activities!

Regardless of all the idiosyncrasies of technology, I did it - NaBloPoMo #2 is one for the record books!


Anjie said...

Congratulations! I always fail miserably. You did a fantastic job and I enjoyed reading your posts very much.

Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

Nice job! I only do NaBloPoMo during April. It's an easier month for me. :)