Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Sun and the sand and a drink in my hand...

 Ah yes, beach life!

That's right, blog-o-sphere members, we're heading towards the beach! 
As you read this, our little family is packing up and driving down the long road to Florida!  We're heading right back to where we vacationed this summer, actually ... Rosemary Beach.  On Saturday, Saunders's cousin Brian is getting married there (in Eden State Park, actually), and we're heading down for the weekend! 

I'm not exactly sure what the beach in November will be like - I've never been to Florida this time of year.  So, we're taking everything from pants to shorts to bathing suits, and hopefully we'll be prepared!

We're very excited about relaxing and spending some time at the ocean.  So, stay tuned for some photos of our little mini beach vacation!

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