Monday, November 16, 2009

Love the Player, Hate the Game

Katie Anne is just the next generation in a long line of video gamers, and she totally loves to play.  Here are some pictures of us running our tank, Dora, and our buffbot, Boots  ... look at our awesome idea to drag Katie Anne's papasan in front of the tv.  Even Daddy was jealous of that smart thinking - no more sore butts from the hardwood floor during a gaming marathon!

And don't get jealous - but this kid's got mad gaming skills.  She's no newb -she completely pwns Swiper the Fox.   She navigates through Dora's adventure with ease, doing all sorts of tasks like:
*Picking apples and making them into baby food - Shake, shake, shake!
*Feeding baby animals and getting bottles of milk for the babies at the farm.
*Catching Explorer Stars that can sing lullabies.
*Choosing the correct shape to complete the bridge, explore Toy Island, and find the teddy bears.
*Feeding the babies, giving them a bottle and teddy bear, and singing them to sleep.
*All while stopping Swiper from stealing anything!
Whoa ... that's a lot of phat lewtz.

Don't hate - appreciate.
Love the player, hate the game, baby.
Actually, don't hate the game either ... Dora isn't actually that bad of a video game.  We enjoy it.

In the words of that lyrical muse Ice-T:
Don't hate the player - hate the game
Every player on the street searching for fortune and fame.
I don't know why a player wanna hate me.
I didn't choose the game - the game chose me.

Although I do doubt it that the Dora the Explorer game is what Ice-T had in mind.  :)


Jillian said...

I'm sure she has two very proud uncles...Greg will get teary eyed over this post lol. But now I wonder...will your kids be the computer nerds and ours the jocks? woah.

Carrie Beth said...

I need to check on some more of those games for Handley. We got that same game system for Christmas two years ago and have hardly played it. The games are way too baby-ish for her now and I know she'd love a Dora one.

cindy glawson said...

I laughed out loud at Jillian's comment. Too funny! Go Katie Anne Go!