Sunday, November 22, 2009

Turkey Headband Project

My family is celebrating a mini-family Thanksgiving this afternoon with my parents, Greg and Jillian, and us at my parents' house.  We're doing the big family Thanksgiving on Thursday at lunch, but Greg and Jillian will be in North Carolina celebrating with Jillian's family, so we're also getting together today.  So, I thought Katie Anne would like to make a little Thanksgiving project for everyone!

I thought of two similar projects and made all the materials last week at the same time I made the leaves for the Thankful Leaf Garland.  This morning, I showed both ideas to Katie Anne and let her choose one project to make today.  (We'll save the other one for the Joneses' Thanksgiving dinner next weekend.)  She chose to make the Turkey Headbands for everyone to wear today!  I was so excited because I was really looking forward to making this one.  Here's how we did it.

Needed materials:

- Brown poster board, cut into long 2" strips
- 4" round brown circles
- Small orange triangles
- Red wattle shapes (I used a rhombus diecut)
- Lots of feathers (I used an 8" diecut)
- Stick on wiggle eyes
- Glue dots
- Sharpie for names

 - And, about halfway through the project, I decided a stapler would work better than the dots on certain parts of the construction, so you need that, too.

Step 1: Using Glue Dots, stick beaks to the turkey faces.


Step 2: Stick wiggle eyes to each turkey face.  We had plain eyes for the boys and eyelashes for the girls.

Step 3: Using Glue Dots, stick wattles to turkeys' beaks.

Wattle attaching is not fun and games... it is serious.


Step 4: We stapled Katie Anne's headband around her head.  Then, I used Saunders's head as a model, and I stapled all of the adult headband strips together.

Step 5: Katie Anne chose five feathers for each headband.  Then, Katie Anne attached the feathers to the headband.  She did it with the Glue Dots, but I had to staple over them later because they were falling off.  The Glue Dots weren't strong enough to hold the 8" feathers.

Step 6: Katie Anne chose a turkey face for each person, and she attached those with Glue Dots.

All done!  Katie Anne's headband is complete!

We kept working to finish the other headbands. Daddy got in on the action and helped us with the feather/Glue Dot/staple step.

Katie Anne had no problem giving him strict instructions on how to put the Glue Dots on the headband.

After we'd finished all the big people headbands, Katie Anne realized that we'd forgotten one crucial person's headband ... Peach the Mouse!  So, of course, we went back and made Peach a tiny turkey headband.

Now, all our turkeys are ready for tonight's dinner!

Gobble, gobble!


Trisha said...

That looks like so much fun! How cute!!!

Pat said...

Wow..that is awesome! Turkeys for the turkeys!! HAHAHAHAH!!!! Hope ya'll had fun!!

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

You have to post a pic all the family in the headbands:)