Thursday, November 12, 2009

Making Little Connections

I know I've already done my official NaBloPoMo post for today, but I just had to record this little snippet of conversation between Katie Anne and me in the car on the way home from school.

Katie Anne: Hey Mommy, my tires aren't fixed.
Me: What?  Your tires?  What tires?
Katie Anne: These tires... the ones right here on my shoe.
Me: (looking in rearview mirror and trying to see what she's talking about) Oh, are you talking about the bottom of your shoe?  That black part?  That's called the sole, actually.
Katie Anne: No, Mommy ... not the bottom part.  The tires.  Will you fix them?
Me: I don't know what the tires are.  Can you tell me what they look like?
Katie Anne: The tires are these white things (pronounced fings). The string fings.
Me: The laces?  Those aren't called tires - they're called laces.  Do you mean your laces aren't tied?
Katie Anne:  Yeah, the laces are not tied.  Can you tie them?
Me: Well, I'm driving now, but I'll tie them when we get home.

Katie Anne thinks in silence for a minute.

Katie Anne: Mommy, I think (pronounced fink) I'll just call them tires.
Me: Well, you can if you want to, but they are really laces.
Katie Anne:  Well, since you tie them, I fink I'll call them tires.  I fink they should be tires since you tie them.
Me: (finally getting the whole point of calling them tires) Ahhh... Okay, doll baby.  Call them tires, then.

I just love to hear her explain those little connections that are firing off in her brain as she learns more and more vocabulary!  I like to watch a new brain at work, storing and sorting and making sense of all this information that she's processing.  We're building schema over here, people!


GTG said...

lol I like the 'fink' and 'fings'... cute ;)

Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

I'm not as smart as KA. I took me a minute to figure it out! :)

Jillian said...

Aren't those moments the best?! Karis has cracked me up with some of her reasoning, but really...they make perfect sense =) Cute story!

Vanessa said...

Precious! I love the funny things they say!

Sarah said...

If KA's teacher uses the same kid-talk as I do, she may tell KA she has "a flat tire" when her shoes are untied. That saying was a new one on me this year, but I picked it up pretty quickly because the kids think it's funny. So, she may just be repeating what she's been told. :)

Carrie Beth said...

I loved reading this cute little story. She's such a sweetie!

cindy glawson said...

Cute, cute, cute. It makes me think of you when you were about two calling an umbrella a rainbrella because you didn't know what a "um" was. :)

Pat said...

She is SOOO smart...I don't know why you didn't get it Katie! Makes perfect sense...tie ers!!! She is a GENIUS!!! And SOOO cute!!!