Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can I Wait?

Is it possible?
Can I wait until Monday after school to see this?

Two other ladies that I teach kindergarten with - Kelly and Jennifer - and I have had an impromptu Twilight fan club at school.  We've all read and discussed all the books, and we've said since last year that we were going to go see New Moon together when it came out.

When we tried to get advance tickets for the midnight showing tonight earlier this week, they were all sold out!  Apparently, all the teenagers in Bartow County have already bought them.  What a crushing disappointment!  I was totally planning on packing in the theater with all the tweens and teens to watch this movie at midnight.

Then, Jennifer is going to the mountains on Friday, so we're having to wait until Monday to see it.  Kelly and I are going to try to be really, really nice and wait.  However, I am dying to see it.  Jennifer said she will forgive us if we see it early ... but we still have to see it after work on Monday.  So, I'm going to do my best to be patient!

 Sorry, Edward Cullen fans ... but I'm Team Jacob, all the way.  Gangly undead pale vampire vs hot Native American werewolf?  I'll take the werewolf, hands down.  Too bad the werewolf is only 17 ... creepy, I know.  Still, I'm a Jacob fan.  If I had a Team Jacob shirt, I would totally wear it on Monday.

Can't wait!!!


Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

I am totally Team Jacob. High fives!

Jillian said...

Ummm...totally going to see it TOMORROW!!! SUCKA! It was sold out for midnight here too...lame. Don't those teeny-boppers have school aka BEDTIMES?! JEEZ. Oh EDWARD all the way! However...Jacob's growing up...and I like what I see haha

Carrie Beth said...

Team EDWARD!!! I'm going on Saturday and can't wait. I'm sure it will be worth the wait!

The Dillards said...

Sarah and I are going tonight! I am very torn as to which one I like....they each have some very nice features.

Pat said...

Team Edward!!!! That is where the passion is! I have to wait too Katie...probably going on Monday!!

Sarah said...

You cannot possibly wait! It was great! Oh, and TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Staceybby said...

Girl, I am going today!!! CANNOT WAIT....but, although the Jacob in the movie is H.O.T....Edward Cullen could bite me ANY day of the week and I would be one happy vampire girl! :-)