Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If you're looking for a cute turkey shirt...

I would highly recommend ordering one from Tara Rowell!  You can find her blog by clicking here, and she sells tons of cute appliqued clothes and things for kids.  She made Katie Anne's first day of school shirt, and I just got this cute turkey shirt for November from her yesterday.

She wanted to pose with her car this morning.

Isn't this just precious?

I can't wait to order some of her cute Christmas shirts for Katie Anne!


Tara said...

oh thanks for the shout out. She does look super cute in it. When I get big te;; Katie Anne I'll be calling her for some modeling jobs :)

The Brown Family said...

Love it! You should tell Katie Anne that every night when I am on the computer Addison ask to "watch Katie Anne"! She loved the video of the beach wipe-out and kept saying "Katie Anne you OK?"