Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Glawson Family Thanksgiving!

On Sunday, we headed over to my parents' house for our first Thanksgiving celebration!  Since Greg and Jillian will be in NC during the Thanksgiving lunch at my cousin Angela's on Thursday, we had a delicious dinner with just the six of us.  Katie Anne got to give everyone the turkey hats she'd made.  She was beyond excited, and everyone loved them!  My mom made tons of our favorite things - I could eat my weight in our main dish - fried tenderloin!  We also had a big Caesar salad, pinto beans, mashed potatoes, rolls, and apple pie for dessert.  It was so yummy!
After dinner, we all headed into the living room.  We'd brought the Wii and the new game (Wii Sports Resort) that Katie Anne and I had given Saunders for his birthday, and we all enjoyed playing that while Katie Anne played with her toys and colored.  It was a fun, relaxing, early Thanksgiving dinner!

Presenting Granddad with his hat

He loves it!

Giving Gigi her turkey hat

She loved it, too!

Katie Anne met Greg and Jillian at the door with their hats - she couldn't wait to see them put them on!

Jillian and Greg modeling their hats

Daddy and Mommy loved their hats, too!

My mom had done a great job of decorating for Thanksgiving

Our appetizers and delicious cranberry cocktail

Even Peach and Snuffle wore their headbands!

A group photo!

After dinner Wii gaming ... very authentic archery in the feathered headresses! 


Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

Wii Resort is my absolute favorite Wii game. I'm a master archer. :)

cindy glawson said...

I loved this post! We had a wonderful time with everybody and I am so glad that you loved the food!I am looking forward to wearing my Turkey Headband to Angela's today. :) Love you!