Friday, November 27, 2009

Good Black Friday Deals

Other than my Snuggie Mania experience, Katie Anne and I had a very positive Black Friday Shop-a-Thon.  It's become a Black Friday tradition for the little person and I to go shopping each year - but we don't put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get out too early.  I saw two early-twenties moms with toddlers in strollers waiting outside Kohl's in the freezing cold at 3:45 am!  Insanity!  Katie Anne and I go a little more relaxed on Black Friday, and we headed toward the Calhoun Outlet Mall at about 9:30.

Eating breakfast in the car so we can get on the road - a true shopper!

KA and Peach are ready to roll, loaded down with Carters and Gymboree bags

We weren't looking for anything specific at the outlets today, although I was hoping to score a great deal on something for my brother-in-law and sisters-in-law.  It was pretty crowded, and we only stayed about two hours or so.  We didn't find any Christmas gifts, but we did find some cute stuff for Katie Anne!  Our main intention was to find a brown and/or green sweater for her to wear to the Jones's Thanksgiving tomorrow (Vicki wants to make Christmas card pictures of the family), and we found that at Gymboree.  We also found...

A cute dress for her to wear to see Santa -
regularly $69.99, sale price $13.60

Christmas PJ's for Christmas morning @ 50% off plus an additional %10 off

A cute lollipop sweater and tights to wear with her fuschia pettiskirt @ 20% off
(Hey, Gymboree doesn't do that great of sales, even on Black Friday)

Thinking ahead - a Birthday Girl shirt for daycare this April -
 originally $18.00, but we got it for $2.90!

A new pair of tennis shoes -
originally $28.00, sale price $12.60


And there's a "bonus" ... when I sat the bag down on the dining room table when we got home, we realized they're light-up tennis shoes!  Wow!

So proud of her light-up tennis shoes!


Light-up shoes make you feel the need ... the need for speed!

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Anjie said...

Awesome deals! I love all KA's new clothes. Miranda had those sneakers and loved them. :)