Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday, Busy Day!

Yesterday, we had a busy Saturday!  Saunders's friend Ty found a bunch of last minute UGA vs Auburn tickets for his friends, so Saunders headed out to Athens early in the morning and was gone until the wee hours of the night.  We'd already packed a Saturday full of errands before he got the ticket offer.  Saunders suggested we move our plans to Sunday so he could help, but I thought KA and I could handle it. So, it was up to me and Katie Anne to "finish the drill"!

Task 1: Get us up, fed, dressed, and the dogs ready to leave by 9:15.

Task 2: Drive to Acworth and get the dogs into PetSmart for their 10:00 appt.

Task 3: Meet Jillian to give her kindergarten math manipulatives for her shape lesson next week.

Task 4: Hit the bookstore to buy the next book club pick, If I Should Be Missing or Dead.  (Totally uplifting title.)

Task 5: Run through McDonald's drive-thru for a lunch pickup.

Task 6: Head over to Atco Playground.  Meet Granddad there.  Eat lunch.  Play!

*Katie Anne has always wanted to play at the Atco Playground.  We drive by it a lot on the way home from school, and she thought it looked awesome from the road.  In person, it was it a little disappointing.  Very few woodchips, lots of graffiti.  We won't do a repeat visit to this playground, but we still had fun playing!

Katie Anne took this picture of me and Granddad.

Task 7: Home for naptime!  Mommy gets three hours to herself to read and nap.  I got to start the book.  The plot is just as uplifting as the title implies.

Task 8: Drive back to PetSmart for doggie pick up.  Here's an addition problem for you ... Wrangling in one hand the two leashes of two dogs who've been caged up for 7 hours through PetSmart and across the parking lot in semi-darkness + trying to get two dogs, one of whom has pee-in-privacy issues, to pee in tiny pine island in parking lot before the 30 minute drive + holding the hand of one toddler who is also insisting on holding two very large stuffed animals through the store and across the parking lot in semi-darkness + carrying a large bag of guinea pig food in the same hand as the leashes because of the evolutionary failure of my nonexistent third hand + paying the bill with a cashier who doesn't seem to understand I want to just pay and go and insists on chatting with me about her cats + getting everyone loaded safely inside the Element without crushing any fingers/paws or losing anyone =
One Daunting Task

Task 9: Drop dogs off at home and feed them.

Task 10: Eat dinner at my parents' house ... cheese ravioli, salad, garlic bread.  Totally yum!

Task 11: Try out my parents' newly repaired hot tub!  So relaxing!  (Don't worry folks, I know toddlers aren't supposed to get into hot tubs.  It was more of a "warm tub" ... bathtub temperature.  It wasn't too hot for Katie Anne.)

Task 12: Home again for bedtime by 9:30!

Whew- a day full of adventure for two girls! 


Kelly said...

I need a nap now and all I did was read your recap. I hope you had a lazy Sunday to recoop!

Carrie Beth said...

What a day!!!