Saturday, November 7, 2009

Brian and Jennifer's Wedding

This afternoon, we headed over to Eden State Park for Brian and Jennifer's wedding.  They were married under the shade of giant old oak trees in the green in front of this antebellum mansion... it was absolutely gorgeous.  (It was also mosquito heaven... and our bug spray was in the car - yikes.  Fortunately for Katie Anne, it seems that Carlton and Trisha are also mosquito magnets, and they drew a lot of the bugs down to their end of the aisle.  Katie Anne only got bit once on the wrist and once on the side of her nose!)

It was a much bigger wedding than I expected... there were probably 150 guests in attendance.  There were 9 attendants for both the bride and groom and a flower girl, ring bearer, and cross bearer.  The ceremony was very touching and heartfelt, but it was also very long.  Fortunately, Katie Anne did wonderfully at the ceremony... she was virtually silent for two whole hours while we were there!  She sat in her chair and enjoyed people watching and fruit snacks, and then she stood in front of her chair and used the seat to play with her toys after the "bride song" as she called it.  She really did whisper the entire time, and we hardly had to say a word to her.  Once, when Saunders told her to stop whispering so much, she started to cry ... as she said, "Daddy hurt my feelings.  I am whispering.  I am trying really, really hard."  Poor baby!  It was a very big challenge to give to a two-year-old, but she handled it like an old wedding guest pro.  Here are some pre-ceremony and ceremony shots.

Our pretty princess watching the wedding party get lined up

Enjoying some fruit snacks before the bridesmaids come down the aisle

Here comes the bride!

The wedding ceremony

The "airplane babies" come in handy again!

Play-doh is also a quiet wedding game

Katie Anne even shared a pack of Play-doh with a little wedding guest, Macy

There they go - Mr. and Mrs. Rushing!

Now that the ceremony is over, Katie Anne tests the whirly capabilities of her new dress

Exploring the grounds with Aunt Trisha

After playing so nicely during the ceremony, Katie Anne wasn't exactly in the mood for a photo session, and we didn't push it because we knew she'd given her all ... especially considering that she'd spent the morning at the beach and had about a 25 minute power nap before the 2:00 ceremony.  So, there are not a ton of pictures.  Here are the ones we did take!

A Jones/Rushing Family Group Picture

And, one last beautiful girl by the reflecting pond photo...


cindy glawson said...
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cindy glawson said...

Great pictures and what a beautiful wedding. That last picture of a precious little girl standing by a reflection pond is so sweet that it makes an old grandma cry.

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Wow, I love Katie Anne's dress!! She looked beautiful!

Jillian said...

Ditto to what Erin said...she looks like a little Gossip Girl with the headband lol...what a gorgeous wedding!

Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

You guys looked fantastic as usual. What a gorgeous location for a wedding!