Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Low Country Rehearsal Dinner

On Friday night, our vacation group was complete - Carlton, Trisha, and Vespa arrived from Moultrie!  So, we all traveled together to the rehearsal dinner.  It was a low country boil at the Watersound Beach Club, and we had a great time!  We had a tough time finding the place at first - there's a "baby turtle ordinance" right now, which means that almost all the street lights, pathway lights, etc have to be turned off.  This is due to the baby turtles hatching on the beach and trying to make their way to the ocean, and the lights from the communities on the shore confuse them.  So, we made several wrong turns and u-turns, but we finally found the beach club!

The rehearsal dinner was really wonderful - there was the traditional low country boil fare of giant shrimp, corn on the cob, etc.  There was also a gumbo station, a salad station, a red beans and rice station, and some delicious rolls and hush puppies!  We ate outside at a big table beside the pool, and we had a fun time visiting with Aunt Emily, Uncle Hugh, Brian, and Jennifer as well as a lot of their friends and family.

Saunders enjoying his low country boil

Why do I always get stuck with Miss Silly Face?

Carlton and Trisha

Katie and Vicki

Somebody was really cutting up at dinner

Okay, here's a sweet smile

 Carlton and Aunt Emily

After dinner, it was Play-doh Playtime!  Carlton loved making Play-doh animals with Katie Anne, but he quickly learned that all creations are made at her request... do not get creative.  Just do what she says.

Carlton made a really good model of Vespa, and Katie Anne provided the big orange ball of "dog food".

Trisha with her Carlton-and-KA-created strawberry

After our Play-doh fun time, we headed inside the beach club for many toasts and a little Brian mini-roast by one of the groomsmen.   Brian gave a very sweet toast to his future bride, Jennifer.  We took pictures of the toasts, but they were really dark.  Here's a picture of the girls sitting down on a windowsill, listening to the toasts.

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Carrie Beth said...

What a fun rehearsal dinner. I just got all caught up on your blog. Looks like Halloween was a blast for KA. Her costume was adorable!