Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Project Life - I Totally Want This!

One of the blogs I follow is U Create.  On Monday, this blog spotlighted Becky Higgins.  The blog said that Becky needed no introduction, but actually she did because I didn't know anything about her.  However, now that I found her website and her new product, Project Life, I am a fan.

And I totally want Project Life!

This is a scrapbook system designed for people who are taking the Picture a Day challenge.  I'm still keeping up with my picture a day goal.  This scrapbook is designed to hold the 365 photos, plus a mini journaling card to note who/what/when of each picture.  There are dividers for each month, a little organizing box ...
wow - so organized and so cute!


I think Project Life is so totally neat! 

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