Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dinner at George's

Tonight, we had an absolutely delicious dinner at George's at Alys Beach.  Fresh seafood, sweet hushpuppies, and scrumptious desserts outside on the candlelit deck... and the service was so attentive.  The server and hostess were constantly checking on Katie Anne, or "Little Peanut" as they called her, and they were gracious to us adults, too ... they even provide warm shawls on the back of the chairs for diners to wrap around their shoulders if they get chilly.  Fabulous!

George's has a frog theme, and Katie Anne ordered the Toadily Happy Pasta. It was actually little green and white frog-shaped pastas!  Super cute and tasty... she absolutely adored it.

This is her literally raising the roof and dancing in her seat in a fit of joy while eating her buttery, cheesy, froggy pasta!

For dessert, our server brought Katie Anne her own big bowl of vanilla gelato with chocolate buttercream ... she loved it and absolutely inhaled it.

Two little cheesy grins

The rest of us had tasty desserts, too... Trisha and Saunders had key lime pie, I had a fruit crisp, Carlton had a "Chocolate Goo", and Vicki sampled a little from here and a little from there!  See her hand reaching in?  Carlton was too busy loving his Chocolate Goo to even look at the camera... his talk of sharing quickly evaporated when he tasted it!  It completely exceeded his expectations.  In fact, he's waxing poetic about it right now as I post this... "Like a hot fresh brownie right out of the oven..."

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