Saturday, May 30, 2009

All my boxes are packed...

Time for summer to begin!

Post planning is over for me, and I got my classroom all packed up this week. (Don't ask me why we have to pack everything up - I'm not moving rooms, and they're not painting, replacing flooring, or anything. We just have to pack everything up. Boo.)

Jillian came and helped me pack boxes and label things on Tuesday, and Dad came and helped me move stuff on Thursday. We brought home a truckload of stuff I don't want to leave (like my super-duper back massaging desk chair... I can see that walking off over the summer) as well as boxes and boxes of summer work for me to do (files to reorganize, folders to make... sigh). Thanks, Jill and Dad ... I greatly appreciate all the help!!!

I don't look forward to unpacking all these boxes during pre-planning, but I am so happy that my summer has officially begun!

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Trisha said...

such pristine stacking talent.