Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Walk a Mile on Her Treadmill

I've been doing a major diet and exercise push for the last eight weeks or so, and Saunders has always done a great job of staying in shape by lifting weights in the basement and doing calisthenics almost every day. I guess fitness has rubbed off on the little woman. Katie Anne wanted to get on the treadmill the other night (in just a shirt and diaper, no less), and walked 0.15 miles! Here's a short video, right at the end of her workout (I didn't think to get my camera until she was almost done walking). Ignore the boxes of toys and books in the basement... the playroom organizing has paused until I've got some summertime to work on it.

She also loves to do "sit ups" and "push ups" (her versions) with us... I'll have to try to get a video of that because it is so cute!


Vanessa said...

Adorable! I love the shirt and diaper - that's common around the McWhorter house too!

Anjie said...

That was so cute!! I love how Saunders comes to her rescue right away. :) WTG Katie Anne!!

Anjie said...

P.S. Your blog is beautiful! I use Google Reader so I haven't seen it in a while. :)