Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Katie Anne's Ideas about Rain

This morning on the way to her new school, Katie Anne and I discussed the rain ...

Me: "Well, Katie Anne, it looks like rain. Do you see those dark clouds?"

KA: "My see those clouds, Mommy. They black. They gray."

Me: "Maybe it will rain today."

KA: "Maybe it rain. Maybe it be pink."

Me: "Maybe the rain will be pink?"

KA: "Maybe the rain be pink. It not be purple - rain not purple, but rain maybe pink."

Me: "Maybe it will be pink. We'll have to see."

KA: "We see. We see rain later."



Vanessa said...

That's so cute...today Lily told me she wanted gray hair because no kids have gray hair! Kid's certainly say the wildest things!

Trisha said...

What a precious conversation to have with KA. I wish the rain was pink!

Dr J said...

prince would say......PURPLE RAIN, PURPLE RAIN......

Pat said...

I wish rain was PINK too Katie Anne!! How cute!!