Monday, May 18, 2009

Two Dogs, Free to a Good Home

Dog #1: Mixed Breed (Beagle/ Border Collie/ Mutt), approx. 15 years of age. Loves chocolate, sleeping, and digging holes in sod. Practices coprophagia and drinks a strangely excessive amount of water. Answers to the name "Abby".
Dog #2: Miniature schnauzer, 3.5 years of age. Loves to be fed by hand, shake profusely during thunderstorms, and bark when babies are napping. Answers to the name "Ginger", although her official name is Katie's Lil Gingerbread Cookie.

Both dogs - free to a good home.

Not really, but ... I'll just let these pictures speak for themselves.


Jillian said...

can we post an ad for one of ours on here too? you don't even want to see (or smell) what we came home to tonight!! Dogs, can't live with them, can't live without them!

The Dillards said...

All I can say is Wow!