Saturday, May 2, 2009

Strawberry Picking

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This morning, Mom (Gigi), Jillian, Katie Anne, and I all went berry picking at a local strawberry farm. We had a lot of fun filling our buckets with fresh berries! We came home with three big boxes of delicious strawberries, all ready for making jam or jelly. (Katie Anne and I are looking for an easy recipe.)

There were TONS of strawberries out there, just waiting to be picked. The field was very muddy because of the bad storms last night, so Mom brought changes of shoes for us. Katie Anne was dressed very cute (I'd been saving the strawberry outfit for today), but not very practically! Next year, we'll know to wear our wellies. Even though it was a little messy, it was still a lot of fun, and it is definitely a spring tradition!

After we finished picking, Katie Anne had a big bowl of strawberry ice cream - very yummy! - and then we went to Cracker Barrel in Adairsville for lunch. It was a fun spring day to spend in the strawberry field! Look for jam or jelly making pictures soon!

**Edited at Josh's request (see comments) ...

Where were Daddy and Granddad during the strawberry picking extravaganza? They were playing golf in the annual McWhorter Shamble, hosted by Black Oak Asset Management. If you're looking to build wealth management strategies while enjoying a full service firm built around impeccable service, please contact the good folks at Black Oak.
Josh, take pictures next time, and I'll give your event its own post. :)

Where was Greg during the strawberry picking extravaganza? At home, nursing his motorcycle double wreck in one day injuries. Poor kid!


cindy glawson said...

This was a fun way to spend a spring day! I loved it but now what do I do with all these strawberries?

CapitalismTalks said...

sounds like you had fun. I'm sure Lily would have fun on the ride over, only to show her other side when she got there.

What about the Glawson-Jones boys? What did they do? We need all the marketing help we can get! :)

Take care.

The Rayburns said...

We went strawberry picking yesterday, too! Share any good recipes that you find!

Vanessa said...

Sounds like fun - and I love her strawberry dress!

SGiles said...

Let me know if you still need some recipes...I used to do a lot f canning before I had Hannah, and I have several Ball cookbooks. I can probably dig up some freezer and canned options if you need them!!!

Carrie Beth said...

What a fun outing!!! I bet she had a blast.

Anonymous said...

Thanks KJ! I appreciate the marketing!