Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Early Mother's Day!

Today, our little family celebrated an early Mother's Day for just the three of us! (If the Smilebox doesn't load correctly, you'll have to click the refresh button and let it load again. If you see "go girl" on the second page, it means it didn't load correctly. This one isn't loading right the first time sometimes.)
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Tomorrow, we've got lots of things planned ... finishing Mother's Day gifts for the grandmothers and great-grandmothers in the morning, then lunch at my grandmother's house, then dinner with Saunders's family in Atlanta. Last year, I was hustling and stressing on Mother's Day - I wound up opening my gift in the floor of the foyer on the way out the door - and I didn't feel like I got to relax. So, this year, we decided to celebrate my Mother's Day a day early so I could do whatever I wanted today without having to miss out on all tomorrow's festivities.

The morning started with me sleeping in - Katie Anne spent the night with Gigi and Granddad, and Saunders got up with the dogs. After we got ready and my parents brought KA home, we headed out to get some gift bags for our moms and grandmothers' presents, get Katie Anne a haircut, and get some lunch. (Saunders promised this would be a no-cooking weekend!) While Katie Anne napped and Saunders cut the grass, I went on a shopping spree in my old clothes and worked on the Mother's Day gifts for tomorrow. Then, when Katie Anne woke up, we got ready and headed out for dinner!

We went to The Adairsville Inn, and it was delicious! Saunders had gone to an Adairsville Chamber event breakfast there recently, and he thought it would be a good idea for a Mother's Day dinner. The buffet was incredible! Several meat choices (grilled fish, barbeque, fried chicken, roast), yummy vegetables (corn, sweet potatoes, green beans, pinto beans, mashed potatoes, mac 'n cheese), breads with delicious homemade butter, a salad bar, and cobblers for dessert. For anyone who lives in this area, I would highly recommend it. The waitresses thought Katie Anne was hilarious... when the first waitress came for our drink order, Saunders ordered unsweet tea, I asked for a Diet Coke, and then Katie Anne said, "Ummmmm, I guess I'll have ... a Diet Coke!" And then she laughed like it was the funniest joke she ever heard! She flirted with a guy at the next table who looked to be about twenty, waving and smiling and looking out under her eyelashes at him, and she kept waving to a middle school girl across the aisle and said, "That girl is sweet. That girl's my friend." She had a great time! Tons of other guests came by our table and complimented her, and she just ate that up, saying, "Thank you, thank you."

After I finished my yummy peach cobbler, I got to open my presents... Saunders and Katie Anne went all out! They got me a "relaxation" themed present. First, I got a gift certificate for the Take a Day Off package from Greenleaf Day Spa ... this means I'll get a Body Polish, One Hour Massage, Signature Facial, Silky Foot Treatment, and Silky Hand Treatment! Then, I got some of my favorite chocolates - Lindor Truffles - and four new magazines to read during my day of relaxation! I can't wait!

We had such a fun day, and now we've got more fun to look forward to tomorrow! Happy early Mother's Day everyone!

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Trisha said...

Wow, Saunders, you did a fantastic job finding such a great gift for Katie for Mother's Day! I'm impressed and jealous!
And Katie, I love your seersucker blazer--super cute for a Mother's Day outing!