Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Big Chop!

Today, we took Katie Anne for her first professional hair cut! I had been hoping her hair would grow out long enough to wear a ponytail this summer, so I'd just let it grow for a while. Unfortunately, it really wasn't growing evenly ... there were short pieces up front, long pieces in back ... it was kind of a toddler mullet. It would go into a ponytail and pigtails, but the short pieces wouldn't stay, and it was looking kind of stringy. So, we decided it was time for the big chop! I didn't know if I could do a good job this time, so we decided to go pro.

We took Katie Anne to Great Clips, and Ms. Melissa gave her a little layered bob. Katie Anne did amazingly well. No tears, very little wiggling, and she absolutely loved getting a blow out! She was very happy and chatted it up with Ms. Melissa the whole time. Here are some pictures of her adventure.

The last picture of the long locks...

In the chair, ready to go!
A spritz-spritz here, a spritz-spritz there...

The first snip

Loving it!
Her first professional blow out!

"All I want to know is - are you happy with your haircut?!"
(Let's see who can tell me what movie that's from... Greg?)
The family with the stylish little diva.
After the cut, we went to Larry's Giant Subs for lunch. Here's a picture of the back while we were there.
Enjoying her lollipop from Ms. Melissa!

Her little cowlicks kind of mess up the smooth line of the bob, but that's okay. She'll still pull part up with a bow most of the time like she did when her hair was this length a year ago. It looks so much healthier and thicker!


cindy glawson said...

CUTE, CUTE HAIRCUT!!!! I love it. She is so grown up now! I love that it was a family affair.

Trisha said...

Cutie PIE!!! I see a long ponytail in her future. Good job, Ms. Melissa!

GTG said...

I can't cut someone's balls off with a trimmer, now can I?

Sean Connery - The Rock. =)

Cute pictures! Glad everything went good with the cuttery and she enjoyed it.

Vanessa said...

So cute! I didn't realize her hair had gotten that long! I love the bob!