Monday, May 4, 2009

Katie Anne's Growth Stats

I forgot to post previously about Katie Anne's two year old check up. I was so, so sick (but not contagious... on antibiotic for 24+ hours) when we went, and it literally took everything I had to get her there and back. So, I totally forgot about it until just now.

It went great! She's super-healthy and ahead on all her milestones - in fact, Dr. Colon said they could check off all of her three year old milestones already! Everyone was really impressed with her vocabulary and size... she definitely looks and acts more like a three-year-old than a barely-two-year-old.

As far as her size, her head is normal ... 19" circumference, which I think was 60th percentile. Her weight is 30 lbs, which is 75th percentile, but her height is crazy! Totally off the charts at 35.5 inches tall ... she's never been shorter than 90th percentile since the day she was born. She's a tall girl! When Dr. Colon estimated Katie Anne's height at adulthood using those charts, she's supposed to be 6'1"! Dr. Colon said she thought 5'11" is a more accurate guess, since I'm 5'8" and Saunders is 6'1". My estimated height was 5'11", and I'm about 3 inches shy of that, so Katie Anne might be, too.

Katie Anne only had to get one shot, and she did great. She wanted to watch the nurse give it, and the nurse didn't want her to. Katie Anne insisted, and I said it was fine if she wanted to... I love to watch any medical procedures done on me, too - Saunders can't stand to see anything like that - so I guess she got that from me! She cried for about two seconds, and then said, "Thank you for my kitty cat bandaid," to the nurse. So funny!

Katie LOVED Dr. Colon and talked her ear off ... Dr. Colon even came to tell her goodbye as we were walking out of the lobby, and Katie Anne told her, "I love you, Dr. Colon. I come see you tomorrow." We've spent a lot of time playing "Let's Go See Dr. Colon" since then... we pack small babies into pocket books and walk through the foyer, which apparently is the way to her office. Katie Anne is still a tiny but confused about the whole doctor thing, though... she says, "Dr. Colon works at bank with Daddy." :)

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Vanessa said...

You are right - she acts much more like a 3 year old than a 2 year old!! What a cutie!!