Sunday, May 24, 2009

Taking Care of VJ's Plants

Saunders's parents, Doc and VJ, are on a ten day European cruise, along with Saunders's brother Carlton, his wife Trisha, Saunders' grandmother, and his aunt, as well as Trisha's family. While they're all on vacation, we're getting their mail and watering their plants. On Friday evening, Katie Anne and I, plus the dogs, went over and watered VJ's container plants. Katie Anne worked very hard, giving them all a good drink!

Helping Mommy fill up her watering can
On the hunt for thirsty plants
Giving the little lamb planter a drink
Here you go, little plant!
Taking a break after all that hard work - we watered for an hour!

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Dr J said...

and thank you thank you thank you europeans are a trip!!! glad to be back!!!
Thanks again so much!!