Friday, May 8, 2009

Herb Gardening

Today, Katie Anne and I planted some herbs in containers in the backyard. We're excited about using some fresh herbs in our cooking this summer!

There's not many action shots of the actual planting because its hard to take pictures with potting soil all over your hands! Here are some pictures after I'd wiped my hands off.

Katie Anne's favorite was the little green bell pepper plant.

Katie Anne pats down the dirt around the basil to get it just right.
Katie Anne watering our pots.
Our happy little container garden! We're going to move it up to the deck, but there were bees up there and I was too scared.
We planted (back row) chives, flat leaf parsely, green bell peppers, (front row) basil, thyme, and yellow bell peppers. The basil smells so good!


Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Looks great!! I planted an herb garden for the first time this year. I got tired of paying for fresh herbs over and over again!

Kelly said...

Bella loves helping me in the garden - I can see KA is a garden girl too. Basil is my favorite herb ... but I've heard oregano grows beautifully. You should try it!