Monday, November 3, 2008

Agan's Night at Chic-fil-A

Tonight, we went to Family Night at Chic-Fil-A. Each Monday Night is "Kids Eat Free" Night, and we often eat at Chic-fil-A on Mondays before running family errands like Publix or Target. Starting tonight, our Chic-fil-A is sponsoring Family Nights where kids can make a project. Tonight's vendor was Agan's Bakery, and the kids got to decorate gingerbread men. (For those of you who don't live in Cartersville, Agan's Bakery is a delicious bakery with fabulous gingerbread men- Uncle Carlton's favorite!)

Katie Anne had a great time at dinner. She ate all her chicken nuggets first like a good girl, and then she went crazy decorating her cookie! They gave her a little bag of white icing, which she spread all over the cookie, as well as chocolate chips and M&M's. She would not put the M&M's on the cookie once she tasted one... she quickly ate all her M&M's, but she did decorate with the chocolate chips. We had to convince her to actually taste the cookie because she was more interested in just licking the icing off. Once we got her to taste it though, she was hooked! She gave Saunders and I each two bites, and that was it! She downed the whole thing!

Enjoying her nuggets!

Icing the cookie

Putting on the decorations
The finished cookie!
Posing with Daddy

And with Momma

Eating the yummy cookie!

A bite for Daddy
And a bite for Momma!

Next week is writing letters to Santa with Write on Main. Check back next Monday night for pictures of that adventure!


Carrie Beth said...

What a fun night! I don't live in Cartersville, but I do know Gabe Agan (I think we've talked about that before) and have hade some of those yummy deserts. I don't blame Katie Anne for not wanting to share!

the wyatts said...

love the last photo of you eating the cookie. fun!

Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

What a fun night!

trisha said...

i can't wait to see the letter she writes to santa next week!

this is such a great idea for chik-fil-a, if we were in cartersville i would HAVE to bring vespa JUST to be able to participate each week!

Jason, Stephanie, Chase and Cole said...

She is such a doll! I would so love to see you guys and get her and Cole together. I think that the two of them would have a great time playing.