Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Successful Oatmeal Experience!

I've been dealing with a breakfast food issue for a little while with Katie Anne. She is a carb lover like her mother and father before her, so her favorite breakfast foods are bread and sugar... waffles, pancakes, etc. When she was eating yogurt like a champ and enjoying her bananas every day, I didn't mind the waffles and pancakes because I thought she had a nice balanced breakfast. However, when she went on the yogurt strike a few months ago, there went that aspect of the morning meal. Then, a couple of weeks ago, she started shying away from fruit and just eating the waffle or pancake, then asking for more!

So, I've been looking for some way to inject a little more health into her breakfast. Since she totally hates eggs and always has, that route is out. I thought about oatmeal- still a carb, but higher in fiber if I get a good whole-grain one. I've tried about 5 different kinds of oatmeal, and nada... she would not even try them. She would yell, "No, no, no!" and twist from side to side... sort of Exorcist style.

Well, people, we have success! This kid LOVES Quaker Simple Harvest Multigrain Oatmeal with Barley. She loves eating it herself in a little bowl with her little spoon. She did a great job eating it- had three helpings! Katie Anne calls it "O-mel". I'm so glad we've had a breakfast breakthrough!


Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Yay! What a big girl! She looks so cute feeding herself.

Jillian said...

Who DON'T love oatmeal?! But about the all of a sudden not eating things or not liking foods she did like...around that same age Karis basically quit eating all together...they're still lucky if she eats half of a packet of oatmeal or half of a handful of cheerios for breakfast. Granted, she's never been a great eater, but I think it's just a stage they go through. I wish I could go through it =/ Cute pics!!