Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy First Birthday, Bear!

Today, we headed over to the McWhorter's house for lunch to celebrate Bear's First Birthday!

Everyone had such a great time. Josh and Vanessa really threw on a big spread- Josh's signature pork butt, macaroni & cheese, cole slaw, chips, and all the BBQ fixins. All their family was there, as well as a lot of Bear and Lily's friends. It was a bunch of kids! All the kids had such a good time and played so well together.

I cannot believe Bear is one! It seems like just a few months ago that he was born. I remember holding him for the longest time at Joey and Jessica's wedding reception last December, and he was such a little baby! Now, he's a big boy- and he is a great kid. Always smiling, especially for the camera! Katie Anne just loves him and talks about him (and Lily, of course) all the time.

He had a blast at his party! He was happy-go-lucky the entire afternoon, playing around and eating his cake. That boy ATE some cake! He had it all over his face and hands. He looked like a little baby with a Smurf beard.

Playing with balloons with Brodie...

Oh, Brodie takes a cheap shot!

Katie Anne loves Lily!
Vanessa looked great!

Saunders holds the Birthday Boy.
Me, Natalie, & Vanessa. Natalie's lost a bunch of weight and looks great, too! She and Vanessa are putting the pressure on me!

Sweet Emma Face...

Mean Emma Face!
Katie Anne and Me

Time for cake!

Daddy and KA watch Bear do the cake thing.

Katherine and a sleepy Lauren... another baby that's growing up fast!

Katie Anne loved the cake...

But not NEARLY as much as Bear did! Happy Birthday, Bear!


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of bear!!! I hope you are feeling better!!


Vanessa said...

So cute! Thanks again so much for coming and sharing in Bear's Day! By the way - Lily loves the toy you gave Bear. She's been playing with it all night :)

The Millers: said...

Wow, Bear meant business with that cake! How cute!

I wanted to comment that Bella has that same pink doll stroller. It is the bane of my existence bc she wants to be in it or pushing it all the time... Does KA love playing with it?

cindy glawson said...

It is hard to believe that Bear is one. What a cute kid! Looks like everyone had a great time.