Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Katie Anne Loves to Color!

Katie Anne has REALLY gotten into coloring lately. She has had the Color Wonder markers and papers for a while, but she got tired of those recently. I think she can't handle the delayed gratification of the Color Wonder... it takes a few seconds for the pen's ink to react with the paper, and she gets frustrated because she doesn't think it has made a mark. So, we've started using regular crayons, and she just loves it. Carlton and Trisha gave her a giant Disney Princess coloring pad for her birthday, and it works perfectly... big open coloring space for her, and less likely to get crayons on the floor!

The artist gets out her supplies.

She loves the coloring book so much, she hugs it!

Warning- toddler coloring only to be attempted under strict adult supervision!
Going with the triple threat- three crayons at once!
What do you mean it's time to stop coloring?


Pat said...

How could you resist that FACE??? Cutest picture ever!!!!

The Millers: said...

Bella has also given up on the Color Wonder products. She gets mad at them for taking so long.

However, we have to buckle her into her seat at the table when it's coloring time because otherwise she'll spend the entire session trying to get to her spot on the stairs where she loves to color the wall.

Maybe a big coloring book would keep her off the walls. I'll give it a try!

And, yes, that face is too cute!

Vanessa said...

I love the last picture!