Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Yummy Lunch!

Today, my parents made our pictures for our Christmas card (I'll post those later... pacing myself for the NaBlo PoMo!), so I invited everyone over for lunch afterward. Katie Anne and I have been experi-menting with spaghetti sauces (basically, we've just been dolling up the Publix Garden Veggie sauce with ground beef, lots of onions and peppers, stewed tomatoes, basil, and other goodies), so I decided to make that (plus salad, veggies, bread- some of which I sadly burned, and my mom brought a cookie cake for dessert) as a thank you for my parents helping us out with the pictures. We asked Greg and Jillian to come up too, of course- we hadn't seen them since the wedding. You know how wedding weekends are- so busy that you hardly get to talk!

We had a great time, talking about the upcoming election, Armageddon (not that we necessarily think those two are related!), and what we're getting Katie Anne for Christmas! We also got to look at a lot of pictures- our Christmas card ones, Greg and Jillian's wedding ones, and Katie Anne's baby scrapbook. (Jillian asked if I had any digital scrapbook pages printed out for her to see- ha! Little did she know what she asked until I busted out all THREE albums on her! I have a mental illness, I know.)

Since Jillian and I are now participants in NaBloPoMo, we both took pictures at lunch so we could blog about it. I guess Katie Anne was just so used to getting her picture made that she HAMMED it up as soon as I got out the camera! I mean, she smiled and smiled and smiled... would not quit! It was so funny, and we all got the biggest kick out of it. Also, I was so happy because she was So Good at lunch... sat at the table so sweetly in her booster seat, ate a great big helping of food, didn't make a mess at all, and then went right down for a two-hour nap without any fussing... just said "Night, night!" to everyone at the table and went right to her room! So sweet!

The kid wouldn't stop smiling!

So funny!


Jason, Erin, and Ella said...

Love that smiling face!

Anjie said...

Katie Anne is too cute! I love that she was smiling the whole time. :)

Saunders III said...

The countdown begins... Dec 2012!

cindy glawson said...

I look like I had hit that wine bottle one time too many! Thanks for the great meal. I had a good time taking the Christmas pictures.

Jillian said...

shut it Saunders! lol

trisha said...

what a cheese!