Friday, November 7, 2008

Potty Time!

Its a potty success!

A few weekends ago, we bought Katie Anne a little potty to have at home. We really aren't interested in starting potty training right now. It will be much easier to wait until this summer when I'm home and can be more consistent, and she'll be much older. However, at Katie Anne's school in the morning, her class is combined with the Two's class, and several of those children are potty trained. Her teacher, Ms. Amanda, told me that Katie Anne's been asking to use the bathroom when those kids do, and they're letting her try. When she started asking to potty at home a few weeks ago, we thought we should get her a potty so we're not having to turn her down if she's interested.

We haven't made a big deal out of it at all... we do encourage her to try to use it before she gets into the bathtub at night, but that's it. She often asks to use it- when she wakes up in the morning or while she's playing- but she has never really had a "production". We thought she just liked to sit on it, and she loves to get big handfuls of toilet paper when she's "done"!

Well, tonight was another story! Katie Anne and Saunders were wrestling on the floor after dinner, and she said, "Poop- potty". We asked her if she needed to go to the potty, and she shook her head yes. We took her back there, and she did poop in the potty! We were so thrilled with her! She started clapping and saying, "Yay! Yay!" It was so funny, so of course I ran for the camera to document her first real potty experience. No, I didn't take any pictures of the "product". :)

She got into the bath after that, and we talked about it. She kept saying, "Big girl potty. Big girl potty." I told her to tell me if she needs to go potty, and she kept shaking her head and saying "Yes, yes." So, maybe she's got a better grip on the idea!

We're still going to take it easy and not make any drastic moves or put any pressure on her, because she's still young for it. However, I hope this positive potty trend continues!


Staceybby said...

Ok,so you and Carrie Beth have like prodigy children!!! Maybe Makinley will be the same way. Girls are way better at it than boys. Tripp might go to first grade in diapers!

Carrie Beth said...

That's wonderful!!! Yea Katie Ann!!! Sounds like she definitely "gets" it. I hope the trend continues. Handley has kind of lost interest, but still asks to sit on it occationally.

The Millers: said...

Way to go (literally) Katie! How poignant that I read this right now ... right after having to grab Bella out of the bath because of a floater. I even tried sitting her on the potty before I put her in the tub just in case. That little turd was in that tub less than 5 minutes when she ... ruined it for everybody. Javi was potty trained at 18 months - so it can definitely be done!

Wanted to say I agree w/ you re: your comment about the war - it really is so complicated, there is no perfect solution!

Saunders said...

OH MY ...
See ya at lunch!