Friday, November 21, 2008

Jones Family Christmas Pictures

A few weeks ago, we took pictures at Saunders's parents' house for their Christmas cards this year. VJ's friend Sharon made them beside the pool with this metal reindeer that they have in their yard. Katie Anne LOVES that metal reindeer... you may have also noticed it in her Halloween photos. Letting her beat the fool out of that reindeer's back always guarantees a photo-worthy smile!

I've been saving these pictures for a NaBloPoMo moment since Doc gave me the CD earlier in November during a Katie Anne photo session flurry, and I didn't need to post them then. Since I'm not exactly photo-ready today, here's the pictures from that photo session for your enjoyment!

I liked these two big group shots best:

Katie Anne wanted to try on the reindeer's hat!
Carlton, Trisha, and Vespa
Saunders, Me, KA, and Ginger- Abby was there, but was too busy searching for anything to eat to be photographed.
Father, Son, Puppy


The Millers: said...

I love everyone in red. We did all blue for the kids' Christmas presents. I was being partisan. ;)

I hear you about not giving KA any ideas about climbing. Nap time was horrible today, too. I had to lay my head on the bed beside her and rub her belly until she fell asleep ... which took forever.

Stay in the crib, KA!

cindy glawson said...

CUTE PICTURES! I love them.

Chelsea Ray said...

These pictures are adorable!