Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm a Barbie Girl

Yesterday, at my math center, we were working on fact families. One of my smartest students finished early, and she asked if she could fix my hair. Since I LOVE people playing with my hair and I wasn't feeling good (obviously, we know why now), I said of course! After a few minutes of twisting my hair into "squiggles", here's the conversation that followed...

Girl #1: (fixing my hair) Mrs. Jones, your hair looks just like a Barbie's!
Me: Thanks! That's nice. (feeling proud of myself to be described as Barbie-like)
Girl #1: I mean, the rest of you doesn't really look like a Barbie, but your hair looks JUST like a Barbie's!
Me: Um, okay. (pride deflating rapidly)
Girl #2: (to Girl fixing my hair) I think she looks like a black Barbie.
Me: How do you think I look like a black Barbie?
Girl #2: You have black Barbie eyelashes.

Well, at least I can count two body parts as being very Barbie-like according to the first grade girls, and you have to admit - they do know their Barbies! :)


Jillian said...

That. Is. HILARIOUS!!! Gotta love first graders!!

cindy glawson said...

A couple of Barbie parts are better than none. They sound like fun kids.