Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Voted!

We did our civic duty and placed our votes today! Actually, I voted last Thursday, but of course Katie Anne and I saved our stickers to wear today! Saunders actually did vote this morning, and the lines weren't bad at all.

I don't have a picture of Saunders wearing his sticker... I had my Book Club meeting tonight at PF Chang's, which is about 45 minutes from the house, so it was a quick KA-swap-and-go as soon as he got home this afternoon. Of course, he's long since changed out of his work clothes and isn't interested in staging a photo op with his sticker. Crazy man!?!

Now, we shall just wait and see as the election results come rolling in! I imagine the results will not turn out the way I want them to, but all I can do is make my choice known by casting my one vote and then see what happens next.

1 comment:

SGiles said...

Mmmmmm...PF Chang's!!!!

Election results aren't looking so good...you guys can always come visit us in Canada if things get too crazy in the States!!!