Monday, November 24, 2008

Katie Anne's Thanksgiving Program

Today, Katie Anne had a Thanksgiving program at her school. Her class dressed up in their turkey headbands and performed a few songs. Her little headband fell over her eyes as they were walking in, and she got really confused- I'm sure she thought, "They've blinded me in a room full of strangers!" Luckily, she recovered and made it up on stage for her little performance. She has been practicing her little turkey songs for several days with her class, but you know how toddlers are... they were a little confused when they got up on the stage. I had to miss the performance because it was my first day back at work after being out for 7 days. :( Saunders got to go and see her show. So, it worked out that I made the Halloween party and he made the Thanksgiving one. He said it was really cute and she did great!

The school put on a big spread!

Katie Anne and her friends during the show.

Ms. Amanda carries Katie Anne out after the show.