Saturday, November 15, 2008

Playground Fun

Last weekend, we walked over to the play- ground in our neighbor- hood to let Katie Anne play. It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and we wanted to take advantage of it since there may not be many more oppor- tunities for the play- ground.

Saunders had never been to our neighborhood playground with us. Katie Anne and I had made it a weekly adventure during the summer, and we've been over once or twice on Saturdays while he's been in Athens, but usually are weekends are so packed that we haven't had time to go as a family. He was really surprised by how nice it is! Also, I was glad to see that they'd added a new piece of equipment (monkey bars) since we'd been there last, so that means they're still taking care of it and making it better.

Katie Anne did a great job of playing on the slides and climbing around- it is so incredible to see how much her balance and dexterity have improved since the summer. Back then, she needed help with everything... now, she can do a lot of the playground things by herself. This was the first time she got to go down the "big girl slides", and she loved that!

The nicest thing about the play- ground is that, in the probably 12 times we've been there to play, there's never been ANYBODY there. No one at all. That's so nice! It is like our own private play- ground. We had a fun time!


the wyatts said...

love your uga outfits. what kind of baby backpack do you guys have? do you use it a lot?

Trisha said...

Kristen used to swing around on the monkey bars at school so much that she wouldn't be able to do her schoolwork after playground time, or her homework at night, because she would get blisters! It's great that y'all have such a nice playground to take KA to. She's growing up so fast!

Vanessa said...

Looks like y'all had fun! Katie Anne is defintely seeming more like a big girl, especially seeing all that she was doing on the playground!