Thursday, November 13, 2008

We Brush Our Teeth... Swish-Swish-Swish

**Okay, I've been saving this post until Vanessa (and Josh, too) got back from New York. I wanted Vanessa to be sure to see it... you'll see why in a minute... and I was afraid she'd miss it while she was out of town. So, Vanessa, this one's for you- and your child, Dora!

Last week, we went to Target and bought new toothbrushes for everyone. Katie Anne has been resistant to brushing her teeth lately. We thought a new electric toothbrush might do the trick since she loves the one she's got at Gigi and Granddad's. Katie Anne got to pick out her own toothbrush, and she chose a Dora the Explorer one. Saunders and I got the Oral-B Pulsar, and those things are so awesome they deserve their own post, so I'll post about it later when I get NaBloPoMo-desperate!

You may ask- Why did Katie Anne choose a Dora toothbrush?
Is she a Dora fan? Not really.
Does she love the show? No, she's never seen the show.
Does she have other Dora toys? Nope.

She got the toothbrush because she thinks Dora is Lily McWhorter. I don't know if she really thinks that's Lily or if she's just associated Lily with Dora because Lily loves Dora and has lots of Dora stuff. Lily looks NOTHING like Dora, so I'm guessing it is just an association she's made. (Although, she does say "Momma!" when she sees Angelina Jolie on magazine covers, and I think that's because of the uncanny resemblance I bear to Angelina.) Either way, whenever she sees Dora on a store display or on a product, she squeals, "Lily!!!" So, she did not want a Dora toothbrush... she wanted a Lily Toothbrush!

The whole time she brushes her teeth now, she talks to and about her Lily toothbrush. So, I just had to make some videos to show Vanessa because she gets the biggest kick out of it, and I thought everyone else in the blogosphere would, too! So, here's a video of Katie Anne using her Lily/Dora toothbrush for the first time, and then another of her brushing a few nights later. You can see Lily/Dora Mania continues!


Carrie Beth said...

What a fun toothbrush!

Vanessa said...

That is hysterical - I'll have to show Josh! Our little hispanic child! I showed Lily the video and she said "Katie Anne that not me, that Doooora. Siwy gurl."

the wyatts said...

i am seriously laughing my head off. too cute. i love her piggy tales and how she growls when she sees the lion on the toothpaste. and i can see that you are teaching her that everything has its own place...toothbrush goes next to the toothpast, etc. love it.